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Re: April 27 MIREX experiment

April 27, 1998

Hello everyone:

It seems there is a problem with the Personal Message System on board the
Russian Space Station Mir.
This morning the TNC began to have problems.  The crew noticed the LEDs' on
the TNC were
not functioning properly.  The crew has check the cables and all of the
cables seem to be OK.
The crew and I have been playing radio tag all day.  We keep seem to be
Missing each other.
As time permits, we will try to get the PMS back on line as soon as
Fortunately, there is backup hardware on board Mir, including a spare radio
and TNC's.
You should also remember, that the crew have many experiments to perform
The Amateur Radio experiments is just one of many the crew has to deal
with, and it
will be worked on if time permits.

Please be patient