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Andy Thomas over Europe

Hi MIR Fans

I've just spoke with Andy Thomas a few minutes ago!
It was during last pass (between 1644-1654z), 
on 145.985 Simplex and signal was 59+20!!! Amazing.
When he show up on the horizon he was talking with a 
VE station (I think) and then he spoke with a couple G's. 
Then I called him and we had a short chat.
He was very friendly and said it was his first qso with CT'land!
(And, as far as I know, these were his first qso's over EU)

The "funny" thing was I wasn't tracking MIR.
I was in the shack, but the pc and trackbox were both off.
I was doing some work, and left the rig on 145.985 (since previous
You can imagine my surprise when I heard that voice on VHF, hi!
Am I a lucky guy, or what??? ;)

Good luck everybody
Have a nice weekend, too!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT