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Mir Voice: 1 in a million!

In preparation for the 27 April MIR School Day test, the US Naval Academy
Satellite Lab has been monitoring the MIR downlink (we always keep the
speakers on at a low level even on packet channels).  Today was our annual
review and while the Admiral in charge of Naval Space Command was touring
the facility, I was standing in the back and heard a weak voice coming out
of the rig attached to our MIR WEB page TNC!  I Interrupted the
briefing in progress, turned up the speakers, plugged in a mic and
conducted a two-way chat with Andy Thomas on MIR!

Most of the VIP's at the Naval Academy were in attendance and we were not
even tracking MIR nor demonstrating any of the amateur radio equipment.
We used only the 19" omni antenna (no time to fire up the 40' dish).
This was pure luck!  Although I have heard MIR frequently over the last
8 years, my 3 QSO's were all totally random and of course, no one was ever
around when they occurred.  Even the best planning could never have
accomplished this kind of luck.  1 in a million!

Thank you HAM RADIO!

Oh, yes, they were impressed....

Andy says he rarely operates over the US because the uplink is too crowded
and is just all noise...

For the MIREX schools, due to preparations for my annual review today, 
this is why we have been so busy and have not been able to respond to all
of your individual Emails.  If you got the welcome message from
me, then you ARE authorized to transmit during the test.  See you on

See the 27 April MIREX page http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/mirex.html