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Re: involving more hams in sat's

Hear hear! Despite the potential for much voice clashing and signal
restriction, the sad fact is that only a small minority of amateur radio
operators own Packet Radio TNCs. Equally sadly, the most significant factor
in the global downturn of packet radio appears to be the astronomical
growth of the Internet.

Going to a higher band than 2M (say 70cm) increases the complexity
enormously, as well as lowering the potential numbers able to participate.

Do you want to artificially restrict the number of people able to access
the wonderful services and opportunities afforded by satellite technology?

Cheers from Chris Edmondson, VK3CE
Radio and Communications magazine

>In response to a recent posting about the percentage of hams capable of
>accessing sat's, I have to ask where you get your figures from? just
>because your a ham doesn't mean you own a tnc, 90%
> of the hams I know own 2m rigs of one form or the other, and only 25%
>of them own a tnc.
>I would say that a 1200baud pacsat is a good method of boosting interest
>in sat's but the figure of
> 90% accessibility worldwide is highly optimistic, if you want to build
>a satellite with accessibility to75% or more of the hams worldwide I
>would suggest a 2m repeater instead of packet.
>Realize that there is a large group of us that got into ham for the
>voice dx, not data transmission.
>KC7YPJ, Ryan Dorman
>QTH: Victor ID, grid# DN431c
>ICQ #3834602