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Re: involving more hams in sat's

Dear Ryan:

Your points are well taken. For brevity in my last memo I did not mention
that a 2-meter FM Mono
band 1200 Baud packet system can also be used for Voice contacts too, with
the space faring crews.
We do not want to leave out the stations who do not have TNC's.
Maybe someone with a good pencil can tell us more accurately how many of
the  1.5 million hams
have 2-meter FM Voice and TNC's.

If you want to encourage beginners World wide to experiment with
Satellites, you need to keep
it Simple and Affordable.  The 2-meter FM Mono band 1200 Baud packet on Mir
made it the
Most popular satellite in the world.  A 2-meter FM Satellite Repeater is
possible.  But one
of the problems with Simplicity, is it does have limited functionality.  A
repeater can only be used
by one person at a time, but it would excite thousands of Amateur Radio
stations world wide.
The 2-meter FM Mono band 1200 Baud packet on Mir  is limited by only being
able to
support one (1) user at a time.  However, this problem can be over come by
using multiple
Receivers and a common transmitter.  The total number of users can be
increased to 3-4
with out a lot of work.    Mirex did have a multi user 2meter mono band
project under development,
but due to limited funding the FM 2-meter SSTV project was put at the top
of the list.

So there are many ways you can expand usage and keep it simple at the same
What we need is a selection of multiple projects covering many skill sets
from beginner accessible voice and data
satellites, to Digital TV with Netmeeting.
The questions is now, Who will keep it affordable and accessible to


kc7ypj@pdt.net on 04/22/98 07:25:18 PM

To:   Sarex@AMSAT.org
cc:    (bcc: Miles Mann/PicTel)
Subject:  involving more hams in sat's

In response to a recent posting about the percentage of hams capable of
accessing sat's, I have to ask where you get your figures from? just
because your a ham doesn't mean you own a tnc, 90%
 of the hams I know own 2m rigs of one form or the other, and only 25%
of them own a tnc.
I would say that a 1200baud pacsat is a good method of boosting interest
in sat's but the figure of
 90% accessibility worldwide is highly optimistic, if you want to build
a satellite with accessibility to75% or more of the hams worldwide I
would suggest a 2m repeater instead of packet.
Realize that there is a large group of us that got into ham for the
voice dx, not data transmission.
KC7YPJ, Ryan Dorman
QTH: Victor ID, grid# DN431c
ICQ #3834602