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involving more hams in sat's

In response to a recent posting about the percentage of hams capable of
accessing sat's, I have to ask where you get your figures from? just
because your a ham doesn't mean you own a tnc, 90%
 of the hams I know own 2m rigs of one form or the other, and only 25%
of them own a tnc.
I would say that a 1200baud pacsat is a good method of boosting interest
in sat's but the figure of
 90% accessibility worldwide is highly optimistic, if you want to build
a satellite with accessibility to75% or more of the hams worldwide I
would suggest a 2m repeater instead of packet.

Realize that there is a large group of us that got into ham for the
voice dx, not data transmission.

KC7YPJ, Ryan Dorman
QTH: Victor ID, grid# DN431c
ICQ #3834602