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April 27 MIREX experiment

There are about 40 schools signed up for the test.  Since MIREX has
authorized APRS packets for most passes that day between 1000 and 2300
UTC, and since we demonstrated last time that more than 30 stations per
footprint can be successful, there is room for a few more experimenters.
Especially overseas.

BUT to keep from saturating the channel, we must be SELECTIVE.  Here is
the new criteria:

You may transmit your UI position via MIR on 27 April if you meet the
following categories.  All other procedures remain the same as posted on
the web page: http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/mirex.html

    SCHOOLS or other Youth Groups
    ALL non-North American stations
    BackPack portable... running on battery power..  Use runner symbol.
                         or Campground.

Send Email to me so we can maintain a count.  Watch for any last minute 
instructions on your MIRMON or APRS Bulletin page on the 27th.

CAUTION:  Do not send any conventional traffic to the MIR Crew via the BBS
regarding this experiment.  They do not have MIRMON or APRS software on
board and are not familiar with the test.  They are being informed via
MIREX.  ANy other random uplinked BBS messages may confuse them.

de WB4APR, Bob