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YOIKS -- another voice contact with Mir!

Sent the below 90 minutes ago -- and just worked him AGAIN!!!

This time the contact lasted more than 10 minutes. I asked him a whole pile
of questions during the full pass and will print them and Andy's replies in
the next issue of Australia's R&C magazine. If you're interested, I could
post them as a text file here.

I tried to get the message up quick smart so you boys in the US might catch
him too, but the mail seems exceptionally slow tonight. As it's now just on
4am I think I might head for bed.

Hope you caught Andy on voice. He really is very approachable and a real

Cheers all from Chris

Here's my original 1525UTC message:

Boy oh boy!!

After a VERY long time of trying, I have finally managed to work the
high-flying Australian cosmonaut, Dr Andy Thomas, VK5MIR, on voice. The
contact was at 0115 local (1515 UTC), or just under half an hour ago.

We spoke for quite a few minutes, and Andy said he was very busy, although
he hoped to spend a while longer at the mic tonight (ie NOW!).

It's possible that he may still be on the air as he comes over the
continental USA, so why not have a go?

I often connect to the PMS as Mir wanders by, to see what far-flung points
have connected, and how recently. What a mover!! I wasn't expecting a voice
contact, though, and I am really delighted.

Now, I've not bothered with QSL cards in the past, but I sure would like
one this time! How do I go about getting one?

Gee, what a thrill! What a buzz!!

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73 from Chris Edmondson, VK3CE,
Editor / Manager / Publisher,
Radio and Communications magazine,
Box 1 Yarra Road,
Wonga Park,
Australia 3115

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