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           As seen in the most recent issue of the AMSAT Journal!  

See also the added notes at the bottom of this announcement!    

>From: Dan James <nn0dj@means.net>
>To: "ANS Release" <ans@AMSAT.org>
>Subject: FW: ANS Bulletin Material
>The following information is being repeated as a 
>reminder of this important upcoming event.
>Satellite operators, space & digital communication enthusiasts 
>are invited to the Maryland-DC area AMSAT Meeting and Space  
>Seminar.  The gathering will take place this weekend, Sunday, 
>April 19, starting at 1:00 p.m. in the auditorium of the newly 
>remodeled Visitor Center at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 
>in Greenbelt, Maryland.  
>The keynote speaker will be Dr. Rick Fleeter, WA8VGK, founder 
>and CEO of AeroAstro, a small satellite and space transportation 
>All topics at the seminar relate to amateur radio and the 
>amateur space program, as well as high altitude balloon and 
>aerospace experiments.
>The format is a combination of presentations, informal "show 'n' 
>tell" demonstrations and a social hour.  The entire afternoon will 
>be great fun!  
>The GSFC Visitor Center will be open to the public during this 
>event between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Visitors can enjoy a NASCOM 
>and Hubble Space Telescope Control Center tour starting at 11:00 
>a.m., or the model rocket launches at 1:00 p.m.  The new Educator's 
>Resource Center (ERC) is also available to those gathering material 
>for students.
>Directions and other information are available using the following 
>web page URLs:
>http://pao.gsfc.nasa.gov/vc/vc.htm and 
>Volunteers are needed to help make the event a success, including 
>repeater talk-in, sign-in table, official photographer, secretary, 
>video and more.  Contact the event host, Pat Kilroy, at 
>wd8laq@amsat.org for more information.  
>Donations will be accepted to offset the associated seminar costs.
>[ANS thanks Pat Kilroy, WD8LAQ, MDC AMSAT Area Coordinator, 
>for this information]


We will have Keith Sproul, WU2Z, author of WinAPRS, presenting 
highlights of his balloon experimenting.  See how YOU can get 
started in high altitude balloons!  

Thanks to the efforts of Rick Hambly, WB2TNL, the 
W3IWI/TAPR TAC-2 and DGPS Interface Board now has a 32-bit 
Windows 95/NT program called TAC32.  TAC32 provides the 
perfect graphical interface to control your TAC-2 or DGPSIB.  
Rick will present some of his fascinating widgets!  

Find out about the flurry of SAREX activity aboard Mir.  Get 
info on the solution to the Mir 2m packet RFI problem, updates 
on the International Space Station ham station progress & 
plans, and more on the AMSAT-TAPR Alliance!  All this to be 
presented by Frank Bauer KA3HDO and Will Marchant KC6ROL. 

Get the latest update on the P3D satellite integration and 

Bring your personal "for sale" items on 3 x 5-inch cards and 
we'll set up a swap table.  Index cards only, please.  (Keep 
the hardware at home or in your car. :-)

ON HAND FROM AMSAT HQ will be ten copies each of "The Radio 
Amateur's Satellite Handbook" by Martin Davidoff K2UBC, 
copyright 1998 (brand new!), suggested donation of $22, and 
also "Micro Space Craft" by Rick Fleeter, suggested donation 
of $25.  Make check or money order out to AMSAT-NA.  (Sorry, 
no cash or charge for the books on this day only.)

Bring your own "show 'n' tell" hardware or software!  
Invite your friends too.  

Lot's more to unfold this Sunday!  

Talk-in on 146.760 MHz FM from a distance, and "near site" on 
146.835 MHz WA3NAN/R, the Goddard Amateur Radio Club repeater.  
(WA3NAN/R is in a temporary location and its coverage is not 
its old self.)  Still need volunteer talk-in stations to come 

Mark this waypoint!  The location of the GSFC Visitor Center 
is N 38 59.580, W 076 50.814.  Set your watch for 1700 UTC!  

See you there,


Patrick L. Kilroy                                           (ex-743)
SSPP Avionics Electrical Engineer  Phone:  301-286-1984
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center   Fax:    301-286-1673
Building 5, New Mail Code 568      E-mail: pat.kilroy@gsfc.nasa.gov
Greenbelt, Maryland  20771         Web:    http://sspp.gsfc.nasa.gov

   Visit SimSat at http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/~simsat/index.html