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Sputnik QSL Cards

Hello everyone:

The MIREX team has frequent telecons with the engineer in charge of the
MAREX Russian Mir Amateur Radio projects.
Some of the public information from these telecons is posted on the Mirex
web page.  A few weeks ago, Mirex was informed
the QSL cards for the Sputnik RS-17/1 mission would be mailed during the
April/May time frame.

Dwains comments are 100% correct.  The QSL process is run by volunteers, we
do our best with the time
and funds available.
To make things more confusing there are two different Sputnik QSL managers,
one in Russian RV3DR and one
on Reunion Island.  I do not have any current information on the status of
the QSL cards from the Reunion Island
QSL manager.  If someone has any accurate information on the Reunion Island
status, Ill be glad to submit
the information for posting on the Mirex web page.
Miles WF1F

Previous Mirex memo, from March 19, 1998

Sputnik RS-17/1 QSL cards
MAREX RV3DR said, they have received over 350 QSL cards from the
RS-17/1 Sputnik Mission.  They will be sending out the special Sputnik QSL
cards in the April/May time frame.

MIREX has created an Internet Web page containing information regarding Mir
and the various Amateur Radio experiments proposed for the space station.
The pages are still "under construction", but some good information can be
gathered from what has been put together so far.  URLs include the
     http://www.ik1sld.org/mirex.htm  OR
     http://www.geocities.com/~ik1sld/mirex.htm  OR
Some stations have had problems using the some of the URL aliases, if so,
try the long
version of the home page address

DA02172@sprayfab.deere.com on 04/01/98 08:14:08 AM

To:   sarex@AMSAT.org
cc:    (bcc: Miles Mann/PicTel)
Subject:  QSL Cards

I have in the past received Space Shuttle and Mir QSL cards and it takes
some time.  Remember Gentlemen, the QSL card managers for these projects
are volunteer and with the large volume of request for cards, it will
take some time!
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     From:     Christopher R. Nighswonger [SMTP:ku4dd@nceye.net]
     Sent:     Tuesday, March 31, 1998 5:09 PM
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     Subject:  Fw: Sputnik certificates

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     From: Robert F. Waiss <rwaiss@fuse.net>
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     Date: Tuesday, March 31, 1998 11:07 AM
     Subject: Sputnik certificates

     >Having carefully sent my IRC's to both listed groups for the
     >and confirmation card for copying the Sputnik 40 transmissions,
I am
     >wondering when, if ever, these items will appear.
     >If anybody knows the status of these "awards", please let me
     >BoB - K9GKN
      I also CAREFULLY sent my IRC's in January of this year (98) and
     received no response to this date.  I too am interested in any
     anyone might have.
     Chris  KU4DD