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Fw: Sputnik certificates

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From: Robert F. Waiss <rwaiss@fuse.net>
To: sarex@AMSAT.org <sarex@AMSAT.org>
Date: Tuesday, March 31, 1998 11:07 AM
Subject: Sputnik certificates

>Having carefully sent my IRC's to both listed groups for the certificate
>and confirmation card for copying the Sputnik 40 transmissions, I am
>wondering when, if ever, these items will appear.
>If anybody knows the status of these "awards", please let me know.
>BoB - K9GKN
 I also CAREFULLY sent my IRC's in January of this year (98) and have
received no response to this date.  I too am interested in any information
anyone might have.

Chris  KU4DD