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MIRMON for Monitoring MIREX experiments

The MIRMON program was designed to simplify the monitoring of downlink
packets from MIR during special MIREX school experiments.  It includes
a demonstration of the last experiment on 11 March 98 to show students
the potential for some future similar tests using UI frames.

You can get it via FTP from tapr.org in the following directory:


          This beta version is MIRMON0.ZIP

Make a MIRMON directory and then Be sure to unzip it using PKUNZIP -d to
get the right directory structure..

Notice this is a BETA test version which has not been thoroughly tested
on the air.   Users are cautioned to use it for receive monitoring only 
and familiarization with the user interface.  Any Transmit testing should
be done locally on a simplex digital frequency, not with MIR, unless
or until authorized.

de Bob, WB4APR