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Sarex list postings.

Hello ALL

Consider the following.  There ARE some list subscribers who have limited
memory allocations on their ISPs.  A lot of the "freenets" like Seattle
Community Network allocate a MAXIMUM 1Mb space to each user for all functions
like user files, mail, web page etc.

Also, a lot of mail programs don't support HTML or need to be specially 
configured for it.  It's probably a good idea to limit the content of posts
to ASCII only.  This cuts down on the amount of data sent over the net and
reduces the time needed to retrieve or read the message.

This is of great concern to users who pay by the minute/hour for their 
connect time.  Not everyone pays a flat $19.95 monthly fee with unlimited
connect time.

Tulsa's  close to Newfoundland ?  I'd better check on the plate tectonics,
the drift may be greater than I'd realized.  ;-) 

For the record... I too like to see the lists of stations heard.



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