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MIR In the Sky

Well this little VK8 is very happy. At 1438Z Mir came over the horizon and
I put some faith in the fact that Andy may have heard me call & state that
I would be there at the next pass.

I had prepared a packet message, but am pleased to say it was not
necessary. We had Q5 S9 voice copy, horizon to horizon, all the way.

Whoever organized the VK5MIR call for Andy, should be Knighted.

I was at the launch of STS-77 in Florida in 1996, and even mentioned that
to Andy in the QSO. Naturally he said he was there, but didn't have the
same view we did!!

I believe we as amateurs (hams) should support these guys all the way!!

I guess Andy is spoilt when he passes over Oz (Australia) because he's

I am now even more committed to the project. By the next time that the APRS
experiment is underway, I hope us VK's will be there in force. I will be
there on the Internet for the VK's!!

73's de Mike VK8ZMA, Australia.