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APRS/MIR status #2

Final report on APRS/MIR test (unless we get lucky on the next pass).
Sorry for the cross post.  Hit delete.  Apparently the MIR packet station
went off the air somewhere during the orbit just prior to this 10 Mar 98

> Nothing heard on the 1455z pass.
> Nothing heard on the 1630z pass.

MIREX has authorized continuing the test on the next two orbits if the
MIR packet station comes back up.  Unfortunately, the 1805-1823z pass is
the Western US only, Southwest of a line from Minnesota to South Carolina.
The next one at 1945-1955z is for the southwest, and Calif only.  No more
US passes today.

After that, Please, NO FURTHER APRS testing via MIR until authorized.

Well, this was only a test.  It was a good shake down of our ground
station equipment.  We had 3 primary UPLINK sites across the US that were
transmitting a MIR position packet once a minute for digipeat via MIR that
would have shown MIR moving on all APRS maps.  Plus we saw 120 to 140
stations logged into the www.aprs.net tracking page and
www.aprs.net/mirex.html special page.  At this point it is unknown how
many other stations were participating and transmitting their positions up
for the experiment.

   If you havent checked the LIVE nationwide APRS tracking page, please do
so at any time.  It is always live.  It still shows about a thousand
stations coming in from all over the country via multiple VHF feeds and
several HF feeds.  And a few Internet feeds occassionally in other
countries.. de WB4APR