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Re: APRS School Exp via MIR

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, asena@bigfoot.com wrote:

>         I think you all in the sarex team must be congratulated, but there
> is a point that brought many negative points to you all.
>         As an educational experiment,... why... [only] two satellite
> passes? ... over only american territory... The other coutries far away
> from America, like Europe, cant participate in this unique experience. 

To date, there are no known APRS stations in Portugal, only about a dozen
in all of europe.  For some reason, APRS has not caught on in the rest of
the world, while there are thousands in the USA.  If this experiment over
the USA is successful, then it might show the value of further experiments
in the future.  We certainly hope so.  Seeing all the participants
plotted on an instant map during each pass of SAREX or MIR is quite
exciting to see for students...