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Re: APRS School Exp via MIR

At 08:05 05-03-1998 -0800, you wrote:
>The Mirex (Mir International Amateur Radio Experiment) team would like to
>an Automatic Packet/Positioning Reporting System (APRS ) test.
>ON March 10th 1998 beginning at 1455 UTC  and ending at 1651 UTC, APRS
>stations WILL be allowed to
>use the Digital Repeater [R0MIR]   on the Russian Mir Packet Station..
This 2 hour
>experiment  will cover approximately 99% of the
>USA on these 2 orbits of Mir [ make sure you have updated Keps ]
>          MIREX would hope that Schools would be informed about the
>upcoming experiment
>and be able to log into one of  the APRS WEB sites (WWW.APRS.NET) to track
>APRS beaconing stations all across
>the USA. Or if hams could set this up with schools to bring in there
>laptops and put up a Vertical antennas system to copy the APRS data from
>the MIR packet system.
>          This Experiment has been a LONG time in the planning and I hope
>it will serve as a step for other Experiments With this hobby


        I think you all in the sarex team must be congratulated, but there
is a point that brought many negative points to you all.
        As an educational experiment, it is the best, but if this is so, why
this is active in two satellite passes? this two passes only include the
american territory, more or less. The other coutries far away from America,
like Europe, cant participate in this unique experience. I live in Portugal,
and there are many ham's interested in this experiment, and this two passes,
pass far away from my coutry... our team here in Portugal is disapointed.
        As an information to you, sarex team, amsat mailing readers, and the
rest of the world, on the 10, 11, 12 of March there is going to be held, in
a portuguese tecnic university ( IST - Instituto Superior Tecnico de Lisboa
), an exhibition/conference about Telecomunications, called Telecomunicaçoes
        As you can see, this sarex experiment is held on the same exact
periode of this important convencion.
        It is sad to us all, and i think to, to the convencion team that
this experiment cant include Portugal.
        A question for you all... why inst this experiment held in a longer
period ?

        ... think that this is for high hierarchic ham coutries ...

73 de Sena

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