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Re: 10 March APRS/MIR test

After downloading the latest MIR KEPS, it looks even more grim for Central
California than first thought.  At 1459Z a maximum elevation of three
degrees occurs at 355 Az.  At 1637Z a maximum elevation of 7 degrees at 17
degrees Az.  The first pass will occur before school is in session at 7 am
local time.  The second will be at 0837 local time.
      K7RR will attempt to contact MIR from home and WA6RKE, the Cuesta
College Amateur radio club station will attempt the second with a full
complement of students in attendance.  Unfortunately seven degrees in the
North is not sufficient elevation to clear the nearby mountains.
      May I suggest that the schools in Washington and Oregon pay special
attention to this request!  I suspect you will have a fairly good shot at
this date and time.   Cliff Buttschardt  K7RR  CM95