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APRS Experiment via MIR Digipeter


If one of the objectives of MIREX is for education then why is this
experiment being only run for 2 passes?  Seems like short notice to arrange
for schools to take advantage of the realtime data.  Since it is so early on
the West coast I doubt if many schools will be able to take advantage of
this event here.:-(  

Seems to me that this APRS experiment has more educational benefit that
running the PMS in crossband mode for a month when only a handful of
stations in the U.S. have that capability. ;-)

Mike KI7AB

>The Mirex (Mir International Amateur Radio Experiment) team would like to
>announce an Automatic Packet/Positioning Reporting System (APRS ) test.
>ON March 10th 1998 beginning at 1455 UTC  and ending at 1651 UTC, APRS
>stations WILL be allowed to use the Digital Repeater [R0MIR] on the Russian
Mir >Packet Station..  This 2 hour experiment  will cover approximately 99%
of the >USA on these 2 orbits of Mir [ make sure you have updated Keps ]

>          MIREX would hope that Schools would be informed about the
>upcoming experiment and be able to log into one of  the APRS WEB sites
>(WWW.APRS.NET) to track APRS beaconing stations all across
>the USA. Or if hams could set this up with schools to bring in there
>laptops and put up a Vertical antennas system to copy the APRS data from
>the MIR packet system.

>          This Experiment has been a LONG time in the planning and I hope
>it will serve as a step for other Experiments With this hobby

>Mir PMS Frequency:

>145.985 FM Simplex.
>Mir Digital Repeater Call sign R0MIR

>     After March 10th @ 1651UTC APRS should NOT be used via MIR .

>Dr Dave Larsen
>MIREX Presdent