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WWW viewing of the Mirex APRS Experiment

I've already had several questions about www.aprs.net since the 
announcement earlier today concerning the APRS experiment. Allow me to 
give a little background about the server, and the arrangements that will 
be made for the APRS experiment.

www.aprs.net is my computer, placed at the Miami Museum of Science, for 
the use of APRS users around the country. All access to the computer is 

Besides the normal HTTP, FTP, and EMAIL services common on an internet 
server, the computer also runs a program I wrote called APRServe. This 
program consolidates APRS data from receivers around the country. The raw 
data can be looked at by telneting into www.aprs.net (standard 
port...23). It is much more interesting to run the data through an APRS 
program...then stations appear on the map in their correct positions. 
There are stand alone programs for Mac and Windows environments, 
available from 


There is also a java version which runs in a browser. This is the program 
you will see when you point your browser at www.aprs.net.

At any given time, there are a thousand or so stations visible through 
APRServe, and these would overwhelm the viewing of the experiment. For 
that reason, I have set up a special page to filter out all packets that 
are not transmitted via R0MIR. This page will also show the posits of Mir 
itself, generated by Bob Bruninga. This page provides an excellent way to 
view the event...it will require no software installation or 
configuration. I do recommend that it be checked on the planned computer 
ahead of time, as complicated java programs sometimes have problems with 
particular OS/browser combinations.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or problems.

Steve Dimse K4HG