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APRS School Exp via MIR

The Mirex (Mir International Amateur Radio Experiment) team would like to
an Automatic Packet/Positioning Reporting System (APRS ) test.
ON March 10th 1998 beginning at 1455 UTC  and ending at 1651 UTC, APRS
stations WILL be allowed to
use the Digital Repeater [R0MIR]   on the Russian Mir Packet Station..  This 2 hour
experiment  will cover approximately 99% of the
USA on these 2 orbits of Mir [ make sure you have updated Keps ]

          MIREX would hope that Schools would be informed about the
upcoming experiment
and be able to log into one of  the APRS WEB sites (WWW.APRS.NET) to track
APRS beaconing stations all across
the USA. Or if hams could set this up with schools to bring in there
laptops and put up a Vertical antennas system to copy the APRS data from
the MIR packet system.

          This Experiment has been a LONG time in the planning and I hope
it will serve as a step for other Experiments With this hobby

Mir PMS Frequency:

145.985 FM Simplex.
Mir Digital Repeater Call sign R0MIR

     After March 10th @ 1651UTC APRS should NOT be used via MIR .

1 16609U 86017A   98063.08565753  .00008828  00000-0  10311-3 0  3011
2 16609  51.6575 217.9855 0005337  84.5056 275.6535 15.62474297687614

Dr Dave Larsen
MIREX Presdent