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Re: Beacons on MIR

Dr. Larsen wrote about an APRS position reporting beacon on MIR as a
teaching tool so that MIR would automatically  pop up on APRS maps when it
came into view:

> one is a APRS Beacon - This is for Rx ONLY - I now its.. [a fixed posit]
> but its the best that I can do with out a GPS on MIR...
> !3822.00N/12038.00WSPHG5190/A=999999/Hello from Mir Space Station

There is another way!   I could write a small change to APRtrak
software so that it could UPLINK a real posit whenever MIR was in view.
THen one authorized MIREX station in Calif, one in Chicago and one on
the east coast could "DIGIpeat" the real MIR position packet via MIR so
that everyone could see it.

This would give MIR the live position reporting it needs to show up on
screens across the country at the expense of only 1 packet per minute from
the ground stations (<2% of channel capacity).

ALSO since ANYONE In the world can view live APRSpackets all over the USA
by telnetting to WWW.APRS.NET, then even schools out of view of MIR
can actually tune into the packets live if those same 3 MIREX ground
stations keep a telnet session on line.  In fact, this is such a good
idea, I will begin working on adding the MIR position packets onto teh
ground segment of APRServe now.  THese will only appear in the APRServe
worldwide stream on the internet sort of as a practice senario for
testing...  Just use any APRS version to view it.  Or use you java capable

Using APRServe technology to link worldwide AMSAT groundstations so that
the digital birds are "always in view" is something we should be doing