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SAREX School Group Success #3

Andy Thomas' contact with Buist Academy a Success!

The Space Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX) program had its 3rd school group
success on Mir this week.  At around 13:22 PM EST (18:22 UTC) on February
26, the Buist Academy in Charleston, SC had a very successful contact with
Andy Thomas onboard the Mir space station. A total of 12 questions went up
to Andy Thomas, with 11 getting answered during the approximately ten
minute contact.

As with most schools in round 98A, the first (A) round of 1998, Buist
Academy has been waiting for their contact for quite a while. The students
and their teachers are to be commended for their excellent preparation with
relatively short notice before the contact was scheduled. Each of the 11
students spoke clearly and loudly when asking their questions. The group
was very excited about the contact and sent a huge "Thank You" to Andy
Thomas that he may well have heard despite Mir being past Loss of Signal.

The contact was made via the Adalaide, Australia Ground Station
courtesy of Graham Ratcliff, VK5AGR. The students were very appreciative
of Graham getting up in the middle of the night to support their

Besides the 11 students asking questions, there were 6 teachers, 7
members of the Charleston Amateur Radio Society and 19 other     
students in attendance. The local Charleston media was represented
by 2 television stations (WCSC TV-5, WCBD TV-2) and the Post Courier 
newspaper. The contact was also retransmitted live over the Charleston
Amateur Radio Society 2 meter repeater.

At the school the contact was coordinated by teacher Kathy Rackley
and Don Milliken (KA3ZYP). Assistance was also provided by Glenn
Little (WB4UIV), Bryce Myers (K4LXF) and the Charleston Amateur Radio 
Society. The AMSAT Technical Mentor was Randy Becnel (KC5YJI).

Submitted by Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO, for the SAREX Working Group