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A0-10 questions

Wonder if someone would be kind enough to answer these questions....

1. For the last few nites now, Ive seen that AO-10 has been in the same
location as the darkness is (ie- when its nitetime, AO-10 is above is above
me). I understand that the batterys have failed in AO-10, and that it only
works while the solar panels are in sunlite- since I have not heard anyone,
Im wondering if this orbit that AO-10 is in (in corellation to the darkness
at the same time) is why I dont "hear" anyone.... Also- my keps are over 200
days old, I hear they quit sending out data for AO-10, so how can I be sure
"where" AO-10 really is, or even if my logsat info is correct ??

Please help, and thanks....

Mike Howell