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Mir Amateur Radio TNC remote systeop

Hi Miles -
     Tnx fer the info. Someone had a valid (I think) comment on the
AMSAT-BB....why can't the SYSOP function of the TNC be used to correct
the needed parameters?
     Keep up the good work!
Jerry N9TU

Hi Jerry:
That's a good point.

We'll Murphy's law struck.
The Modem worked good the first week.  All of the TNC settings were correct
and pre configured.
But the settings were not BURNED into the ROM as a default.
Then during the end of the first week of operations, the crew thought the
TNC was Locked-up (December 10 time frame).
One of the crew performed a Hard Reset to the modem.  This action erased
all of the pre-configured TNC settings.
Including the access call sign and password for the Remote Sysop functions.
(Next time we will burn in the call and  password).

For the past three months the mir crews have been extremely busy with other
higher priority experiments.
Amateur Radio, is not their top item on their lists.  So, we just need to
patiently wait for the crew to have
some free time and reload a few parameters ( CD, Remote system op).

Miles WF1F