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R: needed equipments

Hi Paulo.

I am 19 years old but when i did my first contact with the MIR i was 17.
I was using an handy TH-77E Kenwood on a 5 elelments cubiacal quad antenna
(only 1,6 meters of boom). I have to say that before hearing my call back
from the space I had been calling for almost a month. Then, in a lucky day,
i did my first contact with Valeri Korzun. For the packet i have used a
Baycom modem with the Tsthost software.

Anyway, you need at least 30 watts on a medium antenna with elevation
rotator if you want to make good trafic. All depends by the other people
who is calling at the same time.
If you are the only one, you can use just a rubber duck antenna...

Currently MIR is not very active on phone. All you can do is send up-there
a message. 

Best 73's 

Alain De Carolis IW6PBC
e-mail iw6pbc@amsat.org or alain@advcom.it
home page http://www.advcom.it/users/alain 
ICQ UIN 1870256 - PGP Public key avaiable
GSM phone +393388719952

> Da: Paulo Araujo <paraujo@cwb.matrix.com.br>
> A: sarex@AMSAT.org
> Oggetto: needed equipments
> Data: sabato 7 febbraio 1998 15.04
> 				Dear sirs
> 	I am an 15 year old amateur radio operator in BRAZIL. I would like to
> know, the necessary VHF equipments to establish a succesful contact with
> MIR or/and SPACE SHUTTLE missions.
> 			Thanks in advance,
> 			Paulo Araujo Filho
> 		      calsign:  ZZ 5 PTA