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Mir Amateur Radio Status January 30, 1998
by Miles Mann WF1F, Mirex Director of Educational Resources

The cut off date for submitting SWL cards for Sputnik is February 28.

If you were fortunate enough to hear the signal from Sputnik before it went
you can send away for a SWL (Short Wave Listener) card from one of two
If you head the satellite on more than one occasion, only send away for
just ONE (1) card.
In an earlier memo, I posted the wrong ZIP code and old city name.  The
good news is,
that people who used the old address do not have to worry.  Most of the
cards to the old
address are being delivered to the correct address.

Include with your card, the Date and UTC time you heard the signal.
Envelopes should be well sealed and do not include cash.
Send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope ) and one or two IRC coupons (which can
be purchased at major US post offices).
Do not make any notes on the out side of the envelope with Amateur Radio
Call signs visible.
Dave Larsen MIREX / N6CO is not handling SWL cards for Sputnik, please use
the address below.

QSL Information for SWL (Short Wave Listener)
Sergej Samburov
PO Box 73
Korolev-10 City
Moscow Area, 141070, Russia

There is another address given for QSL-ing on the Sputnik home page
(http://www.oceanes.fr/~fr5fc/angspoutnik.html , the English
language version), which states under "Listeners" and I quote: "PSE send
your reports (envelope+irc) at FR5KJ radio club. FR5KJ
radio club will send you back a diploma.

FR5KJ radio club
College Jules Reydellet
103 rue de la Republique
97 489 Saint Denis Cedex
Reunion Island.

 Keplerian Elements from Jan 29

When the shuttle undockes from Mir,  the shuttle crew will begin performing
orbit burns on the shuttle frequently.
Once this begins, the orbit of the shuttle will change constantly.  The
shuttle is scheduled to land
Saturday afternoon.

1 16609U 86017A   98029.18133749  .00021161  00000-0  24404-3 0  1954
2 16609  51.6567  28.9856 0004669 293.9975  66.0624 15.61881855682313
1 17845U 87030A   98028.79744805  .00024420  00000-0  28073-3 0  2813
2 17845  51.6569  30.9218 0004720 296.1848  63.9245 15.61868975616360
1 20335U 89093A   98028.79744805  .00024420  00000-0  28073-3 0  1372
2 20335  51.6569  30.9218 0004720 296.1848  63.9245 15.61868975465371
1 20635U 90048A   98028.79744805  .00024420  00000-0  28073-3 0  9296
2 20635  51.6569  30.9218 0004720 296.1848  63.9245 15.61868975436204
1 23579U 95024A   98028.79744805  .00024420  00000-0  28073-3 0  8924
2 23579  51.6569  30.9218 0004720 296.1848  63.9245 15.61868975153682
1 23848U 96023A   98028.79744805  .00024420  00000-0  28073-3 0  5784
2 23848  51.6569  30.9218 0004720 296.1848  63.9245 15.61868975100773
Soyuz TM-26
1 24886U 97038A   98028.79744805  .00024420  00000-0  28073-3 0  1702
2 24886  51.6569  30.9218 0004720 296.1848  63.9245 15.61868975 27527
Progress M-37
1 25102U 97081A   98028.79744805  .00024420  00000-0  28073-3 0   374
2 25102  51.6569  30.9218 0004720 296.1848  63.9245 15.61868975  6177
STS 89
1 25143U 98003A   98029.25000000 -.00000191  00000-0  38565-5 0   210
2 25143  51.6591  28.6400 0004419 300.5140  85.8632 15.61876175   958

Mir Crew Members:
The current crew consists of:

Mir 24
Commander Anatoly Solovyev
Flight Engineer Pavel Vinogradov
They are scheduled to be replaced by another cosmonaut crew on Feb 1 with:

Mir 25
Talgat Musabayev RO3FT
Nikolai Budarin  RV3DB and R4MIR.
Frenchman Leopold Eyharts (3 week stay)

The American astronaut David Wolf KC5VPF is on his way home after a
successful mission on Mir.
David has been replaced  by Andy Thomas  kd5chf
The Russian replacement crew took off on January 29, and are planning on
docking Feb 1.

Shuttle schedule
VEHICLE: Endeavour/OV-105
LOCATION: Launch Pad 39A
KSC LAUNCH DATE/TIME: Jan. 22, 1998 with a preferred time of 9:48 p.m.
LAUNCH WINDOW: 10 minute window (opens at 9:43 p.m. EST)
MIR DOCKING DATE/TIME:  Jan. 24 at about 3:12 p.m.
MIR UNDOCKING DATE/TIME:  Jan. 29 at about 11:52 a.m.
KSC LANDING DATE/TIME: Jan. 31, 1998 at 5:36 p.m.
MISSION DURATION: 8 days, 19 hours, 48 minutes
CREW: Wilcutt, Edwards, Dunbar, Anderson, Reilly, Sharipov, Thomas(up),
Wolf (down)

Crew Schedules:
The Mir crew has finished unloading supplies from the Shuttle STS-89 and
the shuttle is on
its way home.

Time tables (All dates are subject to change)
Jan 14-15 Space walk     completed
Jan 24 Shuttle docking   completed
Jan 29 Shuttle un-docking     completed
Jan 29 Crew launch from Russian completed
Feb 1 Soyuze docking
Feb 1-21 Six people on Mir at the same time.

The PMS packet station is current turned on, but it is not functional.
The Mir crew has just been to busy with other higher priority projects to
spend much time
adjusting parameters on the PMS.  The Mir crew has a set of correct
parameters for the TNC.
We are just waiting for the crew to find an open slot in their schedule to
load in the correct parameters.

Mirex would like the stations monitoring the PMS to please be patient while
we make adjustments.

The shuttle/Mir complex will be visible to the naked eye during many early
morning orbits. Use your tracking
program with the listed KEPs to calculate your own pass times.  If you do
not have a tracking program,
try searching for STSPLUS on the Web.  The STSPLUS program does a good job
of calculating Visible pass schedules.

MIREX has created an Internet Web page containing information regarding Mir
and the various Amateur Radio experiments taking place from the space
The pages are still "under construction", but some good information can be
gathered from what has been put together so far.  URLs include the

     http://www.ik1sld.org/mirex.htm  OR

     http://www.geocities.com/~ik1sld/mirex.htm  OR

Miles WF1F