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Re: SatPC32 track error help


You posted that message at 12:50 CST, and the ISS was almost directly
overhead your QTH, so you were not hearing things.  Hi Hi  

Are other satellites being correctly displayed?  If so, that points at old
ISS keps, however recently acquired.  Unlike other satellites, the ISS is
frequently reboosted, and even some of the on line sources are a little slow
to catch up.  Get the latest updates from Celestrak or directly from NORAD.
I am using the Keps at the end of the message, and they agree with a couple
of on line sources I checked.  (Of course, they could ALL be wrong,

Another thing to check is that the program is properly converting the time
to UTC.  From the SATPC32 mail screen, toggle between L and U.  The
difference in the displayed times should be 6 hours.  Rarely, the OS messes
up the daylight and standard time conversion.

Again, knowing whether this is an ISS-only problem is key information.


1 25544U 98067A   08353.56913069  .00013457  00000-0  10664-3 0  8830
2 25544  51.6396 151.4641 0007727 102.5501 340.9706 15.71639760577543

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