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Re: AMSAT contest??

KK5DO sed:
> When I called it a contest, it was strictly frowned upon
> and the name was changed.
>   . . .
> 73...bruce
> AMSAT Director Contests and Awards

Perhaps there should be a motion to change your title to
  AMSAT Director Events and Awards ...

I'd hate for someone to eliminate your position.
If this were some government agency, there would be a Congressional
hearing to understand why we had a director for something we don't do.

I'm all for awards and promoting AMSAT operation 'on-the-air' somehow.
I like the idea of having our AMSAT# as part of the exchange, and I
can see how that might alienate some. BUT, maybe those without could
use AMSAT#000 for their report, and it might encourage them to join-up
and get a number of their own. It would not have to be an AMSAT-NA
member number... Maybe an award for working 100 AMSAT numbers...?...

   73   /;^)
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