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Re: LOTW Satellite name for ISS ?

Most likely, it's simply destructive interference from too many people 
(especially those who can't hear themselves on the downlink) trying to 
access it at once...  all of the out-of-phase signals cancel each other out, 
but someone with a strong enough signal can capture it.

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>I have a different view of the choppy nature of things - and I hope others 
>will jump in with information about it.
> I believe it has to do with the relative position of the antenna(s) on the 
> ISS and all the "stuff" connected to the station that run in different 
> directions. I can see how the antennas might be blocked from out "line of 
> sight" as this module or that solar array "gets in the way" on a given 
> pass.
> Any other thoughts about it out there?

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