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Re: EZ-lindenblad info


I built the AA2TX  70 cms Easi Lindenblad exactly to the dimensions in 
Tony's article. I modified the hub to make use of materials easily available 
here in England. A 4 way plastic moulded electrical conduit junction box 
makes the hub very easy. I suggest you see if they are available in your 
country. I keept ALL the RF parts, dipole and reflectors as specified. I cut 
the reflectors slightly overlength the used a file to get them spot on and 
all identical.

On receive the Easi Lindenblad worked superbly. Mounted on a short pole out 
in the opoen, about 2m above ground, the 80mw cubesats could be copied 
almost on the horizion with a short run of co-ax straight into an FT817. 
LO-19, my primary test satellite was 59 at high elevations.

I can recomend this design, its far easier to construct than the 
"traditional" Lindenblad with folded dipole elements and phasing harness.

Thanks Tony

73 John G7HIA 

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