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A little bit of history could be yours

Dear All,

A little bit of ham radio history could be yours; I am having a tidy up, and
have put this up for auction on ePay:

Among other things it was used to make the first transatlantic 1200 bps PSK
packet contact (via FO-12 in late 1986) with Tom Clark W3IWI, now K3IO.
Somewhere I still have the cassette tape ...

The TNC2 (serial #1587) was also used to develop my 9600 baud Packet Radio
modem, which happily went on to become a de-facto standard.  Older readers
probably know what that is/was, but anyway you can read about it at:
http://tinyurl.com/5jxhlf  and at  http://tinyurl.com/6dn5r3


Kind friends occasionally ask after me.  Well, whilst waiting for the next
HEO, this project  http://tinyurl.com/6yfqp4  and P5A keeps me alert, as does
this product http://tinyurl.com/unva6   And a teenage daughter keeps me

Best wishes to friends at Atlanta this weekend!

73 de James G3RUH  (former AO-13 and AO-40 Command Station)

    James R Miller      WWW/PGP:     http://www.jrmiller.demon.co.uk/
  Cambridge, England   Stardate:        2008 Oct 24 [Fri] 1544 utc
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