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Re: ISS Richard Garriott's return

On Oct 23, 2008, at 8:38 AM, Peter wrote:

> And if you can, watch their return live on NASA TV, thank you.

One of those signs that even with our "market" issues, economic  
"slowdowns" -- whatever... the countries who've been involved in  
various pieces of the ISS are still top-notch in the world (along with  
VERY few other players) in Aerospace.

(All this doom and gloom is annoying me, and I'm usually a pessimist  
by nature.  I look at what "we" do in Aerospace that only a very small  
sub-set of the planet's population can even attempt, let alone  
successfully ACCOMPLISH, and I'm just amazed.  More people should be,  
instead of taking it all for granted.)

Two shuttles on the pad at the SAME time, ready to go, to handle  
another repair/retrofit mission to Hubble.  Just astoundingly cool.   
And less of a news story than two politicians throwing mud at each  
other?  Give me a break.

What aerospace accomplishes daily, considering that powered flight has  
only been around a tiny bit over 100 years... is a testament to the  
hard work of an awful lot of smart people.

Just imagine if bankers could be as successful as quickly!  (GRIN)

Nate Duehr, WY0X

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