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Re: WB9L cross-satellite again

Well hams use the term "cross-band contact" to refer to a QSO made 
using two bands, where one band is the medium from station A to 
station B, and the other band is the medium from station B to station 
A. By logical extension, a "cross-satellite contact" is exactly what 
was going on here.

Note that nothing stated a "cross-link" (or crosslink) between the 
satellites, or a "multi-hop" satellite contact. That's what you and 
Auke are referring to. But I'll admit that it's an unusual term that 
should be defined prior to use. 


Oct 19, 2008 07:42:09 AM, jeffk13057@yahoo.com wrote: 
    Wouldn't it have to be, for true cross-satellite operation to occur, the downlink of one satellite to be on the uplink of another? I am also not sure this is true "cross satellite" operation. I would have to agree with Auke, that any signal heard by the other sat would have to be a fluke.
    73, Jeff WB2SYK
    --- On Sun, 10/19/08, Auke de Jong, VE6PWN
    > From: Auke de Jong, VE6PWN
    > Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: WB9L cross-satellite again
    > To: AMSAT-BB@amsat.org
    > Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008, 12:30 AM
    > isn't cross-satellite operation involving signals
    > travelling BETWEEN
    > satellites before being heard by the other station? AO-16
    > and AO-51 have
    > their uplinks in the SAME BAND, and downlinks also in the
    > SAME BAND so
    > wouldn't that make it impossible to for either
    > satellite to react to the
    > other??
    > The way I read this... you are hearing unintentional
    > uplinks to the
    > satellite you're listening on, just because the second
    > sat has an identical
    > uplink, and overlapping footprint. Please correct me if
    > I'm interpreting
    > this wrongly.
    > 73
    > Auke
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    > Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 5:15 PM
    > Subject: [amsat-bb] WB9L cross-satellite again
    > > Hey folks,
    > >
    > > Mike, WB9L, and I worked cross-satellite at 22:50 UTC.
    > Mike was on AO-51
    > > to the northeast, while I was working AO-16 to the
    > southwest. I heard some
    > > other stations that I know were working AO-51, but
    > didn't get any other
    > > contacts. Both satellites were low elevation to me
    > here in north Georgia.
    > >
    > > 73,
    > >
    > > Tim - N3TL
    > > AMSAT Member No. 36820
    > > Athens, 
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