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Another cross-satellite contact!

Hey everyone,
Between 11:48:48 UTC and 11:39:04 UTC this morning, I enjoyed another cross-band, cross-mode, cross-satellite (AO-16/AO-51) contact – this one with Rick, WA4NVM, in Memphis, Tenn. 
Rick’s beams were pointed east, and he heard me on AO-51’s 435.300 FM downlink. I was listening on 437.026 in sideband and, as usual, was hand-holding my Elk log periodic. It was pointed almost due west when I heard Rick call me. I had transmitted an ID with my callsign and “listening on AO-16.”
I transmitted 5 watts from VX-7R HT into a 0-gain eFactor omni antenna, using the same 145.920 FM uplink for AO-16 that AO-51 uses.
I first copied Gerry, VE4GTB, from Winnipeg at 11:35 UTC. I then heard Pete, AA1PL, confirm his first-ever satellite contact with Rick, KB1PAJ. Rick uses a handheld station for the FM satellites, so his signal wasn’t making the trip to AO-16. AA1PL, on the other hand, was loud, clear and strong – and he was mobile! I’ve emailed him to let him know that, because of the respective footprints of the satellites when I heard him, his signal extended from somewhere around 28 degrees west to about 144 degrees west – not bad for a mobile! I sent an MP3 clip, too.
Here are the numbers regarding the N3TL-WA4NVM contact. I’ll use 11:39:00 UTC for reference since it was just slightly past mid-contact:
AO-51 was at 7.3 degrees elevation to Rick’s east at a range of 2,377.198 km (1,477.122 mi).
AO-16 was at 11.6 degrees elevation to Rick’s west at a range of 2,221.306 km (1,380.256 mi).
AO-51 was at 15.8 degrees elevation to my east at a range of 1,795.391 km (1,115.604 mi).
AO-16 was at 4.7 degrees elevation to my west at a range of 2,794.482 km (1,736.411 mi).
What a hoot!

Before closing - congrats to those who have worked NA1SS. How cool is that?!
73 to all,
Tim – N3TL
AMSAT Member No. 36820
Athens, Ga. – EM84ha
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