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ISS voice contacts

It was as a thrill for me to just hear his voice and some SSTV signals. Sure I wanted to work him but many do too. I just wonder what it sounds like for him as he flys over a populated area ?

I used phonetics  Victoria  Norway  Echo  in my W9VNE  call sign. He came back ; is there a station from Norway calling ? Well his foot print was no where near Norway at the time as he headed South East over the USA. So just maybe he caught a little of my call.

I too heard him say K8YSE  but I never heard anything after that . Good Luck John, K8YSE I hope he recorded your call.

He is super strong. I have an M Squared circular polarized yagi with 7 vertical and 7 horizontal. It has about 10 db gain. I could really track him with both azimuth and elevation very well.

I have been a fan of the ISS for a long time watching it visually half a dozen times a year. My neighbors have been treated to it when I point out what it is I am watching . . . . . I remember 35 years ago when Skylab was scooting across the sky . . . my XYL and I went out to a dark sky area and were parked waiting for Skylab to appear. A cop came down the rural gravel road and wanted to know why we were parked there. I explained that we were waiting for Skylab and wanted to see it visually. He really looked at us like  . . . . are you kidding me ? We then got out our driver licenses which showed the same address and showed him our wedding rings . . . then I said  LOOK . . . . he was shocked . . . then he had this silly look on his face and said, " I'm sorry" .. . . as he drove away.

Jim W9VNE 
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