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SATPC32 CAT on TS-2000


I am preparing for an ISS contact later this week, and historically we have
used SATPC32 to do the Doppler correction. The last contact we did over here
in the UK the SATPC32 Doppler correction broke, and despite hours of trying
to get it to work again, it failed to work so I resorted to manual Doppler
operation if required. A similar thing happened on another contact previous
to that one.

I now seem to be in the same boat again. After upgrading to 12.8 tonight, I
did get it to work, but then in order to make room for another low port COM
port for SSTV work I shifted the CAT for SATPC32 up to COM18 and since then
I can't get the CAT to work again. I reverted back to COM2, and now on
launch SATPC32 says it can't open COM2.

If I switch to a COM port of 0, then the error clears but of course I can't
use CAT as that disables it.

Using sysinternal's Portmon, I can see the rotor serial port opening but no
attempt is made to open COM2 or any other port. I can open COM2 (and COM18)
using Hyperterminal. Portmon indicates that no other process has the COM
ports open.

I know you don't really need Doppler for the ISS, but Doppler correction is
a prerequisite for ARISS contacts, and I'd like to get it working again.

I'm happy to mess around with the .SQFs, if I knew which one(s) to tweak,
and which parameter(s) to alter.

73, Howard G6LVB

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