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432 MHz linear amplifier

At the suggestion of the AMSAT Treasurer I am posting this request to the bulletin board:

What I am looking for is a solid-state 70 cm linear amplifier that has an input of no more than 250 mW and an output of at least 10 watts and 25 or more would be even better.  The frequency range needs to be from 432 MHz to 435 MHz or wider.

I am familar with a couple of kits including the one from Australia that definitely has the best price.  However, I am also looking at building my own but have not found a suitable construction article here on the Internet using both "google" and "yahoo" as search engines.  Nor have I found a suitable amplifier in the issues of Ham Radio Magazine and 73 Magazine that I have.  What I am looking for is something that has a board "layout" (I am definitely able to reproduce a board).  I do have a "fair" number of suitable transistors and other parts available that can be used.

Also, if someone has a suitable linear amplifier (this is for both CW and SSB) at a reasonable price or else for trade I would definitely be interested.  I have all sorts of things to trade including tubes (receiver, transmit, higher power), components, and a few "boat anchor" items.

Since I am on a "fixed income" (Social Security disability) I definitely do have to be careful as to how much I spend on such things (my wife would definitely take severe action against my bodily health if I spend too much).

What I need the linear amplifier for is a Microwave Modules 432 MHz transverter.  The 10 watt linear amplifier board is missing and the basic exciter only puts out 250 mW.  Now I did know the amplifier was missing before I traded for the unit so that was not a surprise.  The transverter works very well but the output power is not sufficient to really do anything with and is way too little to drive my 4CX250B amplifier.

Glen, K9STH
AMSAT 239 / LM 463

Website:  http://k9sth.com

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