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Re: FO-29 K3SZH and KLM Relay+QSO with I8CVS

On 3 Oct 2008 at 18:17, John Kopala wrote:

> Luc,
> The relay is available from Newark electronics, but since they seem to be 
> the only supplier, they price it up there just under an ounce of gold.  I 
> recently bought 3 to rebuild my antennas and one for a friend of mine.  The 
> first one was $30.  After I bought the first one, they raised the price to 
> $45 for the next 2.
> Just checked, it's still available, $52.93 for one, plus and applicable tax 
> and shipping.  It's the exact replacement.  Unsolder the old one, drop in 
> the new one, and solder the pins.  While you are at it, probably a good idea 
> to recoat the board with fiberglass resin before you replace the relay. 
> It's pricy, but it's a lot simpler and faster than trying to jerry-rig 
> something with else.
> http://www.newark.com/67F5643/switches-relays/product.us0?sku=guardian-electric-1365pc-2c-12d
> Newark Part Number 67F5643
> Mfgr Part No: 1365PC-2C-12D
> 12 volt relay
> Hmmm...  Their catalog page, 1509, shows $46.28.
> John
> N7JK

Thank's John for the info's i will have a look at it. Just before i read you message i was just ending a FO-29 eastern very low pass 7' max 
elevation with Domenico I8CVS. Many thank's Domenico for burning the midnight oil in the Gulf of Napoli under the rain. Your signal was S4 
at the beginning and just when you said your elevation was 0.5' your signal suddenly increased to 58 59!!! i know you where switching you 
polarization at that time i don't know if it was in direct relation or someone stop sending a carrier but that's what i hear. 

I also get you idea about rewinding the relay coil but i will wait for you message as you told me with your notes about fixing the relay. 
John give also an alternative solution a bit pricy... but these ultimate 3 DB'S with the shipping and the custom fees will cost me about 
25$ per DB!!! Who said satellite was cheap?

Next time i will try to record the QSO Again many thank's for this second one on LEO our 3 previous one where in 2003 on AO-40 in mode U/S

For those who want to know how to use their solenoid coil just click on this link:



Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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