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Re: [fieldops] What do you do with satellites?

Sounds like a great topic Eric.

Thanks for thinking about it and following up.  I look forward to the 
article.  Are you going to be able to make it to Atlanta later this month 
for the Symposium?

Obviously I am interested in the the telemetry and understanding how the 
satellite operates and adapts to changes in eclipse period and distance from 
the sun.

Gould, WA4SXM

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Subject: [fieldops] What do you do with satellites?

>I had a question a couple of days ago from someone that thought all you
> could do over the satellites was talk.  I explained to him that there
> were other things you could do but I'm sure I left out some things.
> That got me thinking, though.  I wonder how many people just aren't
> familiar enough with satellites to know there are other things you can
> do with them than just pick up a microphone and talk.
> I've already started writing an article on what you can do with
> satellites but I'd love to hear from all the users out there as to how
> you operate over the birds.
> Please respond directly to me at w4otn@amsat.org.
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