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AO51 mode: 23cm SSB up / 70cm FM down ?

Dear all,

I was considering to submit the following mode to the AO51 command team.
(I did this already a while ago but my emails seems to bounce)

Objective: provide a means for stations with small ERP to test their
23cm uplink channel into AO51.

Uplink   23cm SSB (!)
Downlink 70cm FM (preferably 435.300)

With 23cm FM uplink I seem not to have enough ERP to get over the sat.
That is, I never made it through the squelch level of the AO51 receiver
(using Kenwood TS2000X/10W, and a small cubicle quad antenna only).

In SSB mode with the squelch open I could try even CW to see how weak my
uplink is. Maybe just below squelch level, maybe far down in the noise.
And: with SSB we can even have multiple stations testing their links at
the same time !

Any thoughts of anyone else before I submit this request ?

Henk, PA3GUO
(... and I have a 33 elements beam now)


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