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Re: OSCAR - Acronym for...?

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Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 4:05 PM
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> I have had a moderately long technical career, occasionally punctuated by
> what I now view as futile attempts to get co-workers, most of whom were
> supposedly well educated, to understand the meaning of the term "acronym".
> The difficult, and most frustrating, part is in trying to communicate what
> an acronym is not.  COBOL is an acronym, but IBM and BLT are not.  ( Since
> most of the time I have tried to point out the distinction, the reaction
> that I got was "serious don't care". )

IBM and BLT are actually "initialisms"....  distinguished from an "acronym" 
by virtue of not being pronounceable like COBOL, OSCAR, SNAFU, etc.


George, KA3HSW 

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