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Re: Delfi-N3xt

--- On Sat, 26/7/08, David - KG4ZLB/MØZLB <m0zlb@btinternet.com> wrote:> 
> It was a great presentation but I wonder how _*they*_
> manage to fund the 
> launches (?)

Glad you were watching David, were you up in time so see the 9 am BST Delfi presentations ? I guess they were a bit early for state side viewers hi. 

I believe that the videos of the presentations will be available for download but there were over 20 hours of presentations recorded so that's a lot of volunteer work that will be needed which coupled with the vacation season will mean it'll be a while before they are on the web. 

Cubesats are comparatively cheap to launch, I think about $20,000 a kilo so a triple cubesat would be 3 times that. Finding funding for launches at that level is doable, the drawback is they are very small and have little power and of course the orbit is only 700 km. 

On the subject of power I was impressed to find out that the Delfi-C3 transponder is putting out just 150 milliwatts PEP, not what was on the website and 30 mw for the beacon  the signals are remarkable for that power level. 

Re the N3XT Delfi it's amazing how much stuff, inc batteries, they were planning to cram into 4 by 12 inches (10*30cm). That should be a great satellite.

73 Trevor M5AKA

> Bruce Robertson wrote:
> > Gang:
> >
> > Just watched the excellent presentation from the Delfi
> team, outlining
> > a new satellite using the 3-cube approach that they
> have successfully
> > implemented in the Delfi-C3 project. They are planning
> a high-baud
> > S-band downlink for burst data download and a
> space-weather
> > measurement experiment. Great stuff.
> >
> > Once again, they want tangibly to 'give back'
> to the amateurs. They
> > mentioned an improved U/V transponder like the one in
> Delfi-C3, but
> > they'd also like to entertain new ideas from us.
> What do we think?
> >
> >
> > 73, Bruce
> > VE9QRP

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