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Re: FO-29 telemetry

Hi Mike, DK3WN

Tank you very much to decode the FO-29 telemetry. It seems that
all parameters are nominal and the batteries are charging but it should
be necessary to compare the actual performance with some old telemetry
file that you probably have available in your archive.

Please let us know

Tanks and 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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From: "Mike Rupprecht" <mail@mike-rupprecht.de>
To: "'AMSAT-BB'" <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008 4:34 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] FO-29 telemetry

> Hi all,
> FO-29 CW telemetry at 1210 UTC, July 27th
> 1210 UTC
> hihi 22e288d58f050525002401016a629695b07bb9b4babcb7
> hihi 22e288d58f050525002401016b629695b076b9b4babcb7
> hihi 22e288d58f050525002401017f629594b077b8b4babbb7
> hihi 22e288d58f0505250024010183629595b19eb8b4babbb7
> hihi 22e288d58f0505250024010184629594b165b8b4babbb7
> hihi 22e288d58f0505250024010186629695b075b8b4b9bbb7
> hihi 22e288d58f0505250024010182629595b054b7b3b9bab7
> hihi 22e288d58f050525002401017c629594b09bb7b3b9bab7
> Solar Current 1313.7 [mA]
> Battery Current 79.2 [mA]
> Battery Voltage 16.1 [V]
> Middle Voltage 7.2 [V]
> Bus Voltage 17.3 [V]
> JTA Tx Power 662.4 [mW]
> Structure1 Temp 10.4 [C]
> Structure2 Temp 12.0 [C]
> Structure3 Temp 10.0 [C]
> Structure4 Temp 9.3 [C]
> Battery Cell Temp 10.8 [C]
> 73, Mike
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> Gesendet: Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008 06:08
> Cc: Francesco Grappi
> Betreff: [amsat-bb] FO-29 is alive and well
> Hi All,
> Following suggestions of my friend Mak, SV1BSX  I tried FO-29 this
> night 27 july during the South bound orbit 58978 when the AOS for me
> in JN70ES was at 00:06 UTC and FO-29 was in sun light.
> I was alone into the passband and my return signal was very strong above
> my noise floor with appoximately only 10 watt on a 13 dBi crossed yagi
> RHCP / LHCP (about 200 watt EIRP)
> The SSB return was very clean and without FMing with the usual need to
> switch RHCP to LHCP time to time to get the best signal strength
> At 00:15 UTC  FO-29 started to experience the eclipse as per InstanTrack
> but no signe of reduction of my return signal or FMing was noted.
> >From  00:15 to 00:21 until my LOS the satellite was over Africa and well
> in full eclipse for about 6 minutes but my own return signal was still
> ad strong without any signe of FMing so that it seems that the battery are
> working and as far I know the satellite performance seems to be nominal.
> The CW beacon was ON all the time but it should be necessary to
> decode the TLM to get the actual parameters ( I think IW4DVZ can do
> the job with his suitable software )
> The transponder is very sensitive as it was as new so that refrain please
> to use high power because 200 watt EIRP is more than necessary.
> I tanks very much Mak SV1BSX for sending to me the results of his
> experience yesterday confirming the results that I  got this night both
> confirming that FO-29 seems to be alive and well.
> We don't know what JARL did to resurrex this beautiful satellite but
> until she will last we have another real CW and SSB satellite to work.
> Congratulations to JARL
> 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico

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