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Dear All,

I migrating my satellite PC to a new maching, both of which uses  
Windows XP professional edition.  All along, I have been using WISP  
and WISPDDE client for rotator and doppler tracking and plan to  
continue using the same software.

Rotator control is working great here with the LVB tracker and Yaesu  
G-5500.  However, doppler is not working as how it should be.  For  
this, I use the CI-V cable from G4ZLP which was working perfectly OK  
on the old machine.  I have configured WISPDDE client to IC-910H as  
radio 1.  However, WISPDDE gives errors (when the pass starts, and  
frequency is passed from WISP to WISPDDE client via DDE) like "Unable  
to cancel duplex command" and some other errors whenever  
"Bidirectional interface" is enabled.  If "Bidirectional interface" is  
unchecked, everything works fine.  I cant this enabled (causes WISPDDE  
client to hang up), so for now I have to let it be disabled.

I use the IC-910H in satellite mode with this setup, as this is  
required to get the downlink on the top (RX) and uplink on the bottom  
(TX).  Would be glad if anyone could help me on this matter.  Although  
this is not a serious trouble, I cant get WISPDDE to recognise small  
changes/compensation made using the VFO knob on the IC-910H especially  
when copying CW satellites.

Also, in this configuration, IC-910H could not switch bands  
automatically.  Say for example, IC-910H is set for TOP band, 70 CM  
RX, Bottom Band, 2M TX.  This works well automatically for Mode J  
satellites like AO-51 and GO-32.  But when ISS passes comes in, it  
will not reverse the top and bottom bands.  (I have configured 2M on  
top (RX - 145.800 MHz), 70CM on the bottom (TX - 437.800 MHz) for  
cross band repeater configuration).  The M/S key on the IC-910H has to  
be pressed to reverse the top and bottom bands before the pass for  
doppler correction to be done correctly.  In other words, I have to  
ensure the downlink and uplink bands are set properly on the radio's  
display before the pass.

This is really a problem for ISS SATGATE and automated satellite  
reception operation.  Would really appreciate any pointers here.   
Thank you very much in advance.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

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