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FO-29 is back again !

 Hello all,

 after Robert-G8ATE's report on Amsat-BB, this evening I tried together with my friend
Dimitris, SW1JGW, a test on FO-29.

 Well, yes indeed, the Satellite is active again !  Just after the AOS we heard clear
the Beacon, and then I had a nice QSO with SW1JGW (21:36Z) !  After that I changed
my frequency a bit lower and I had a 2nd QSO with DL6HP (21:38 Z).

 Both, Dimitris and I,  we were QRP !    5 Watts for Uplink were enough for excellent return
signals on Downlink.  By using QRP we tried to avoid any overloading of the bird.

 The Satellite was really Booming, always 55 -  59 with "crystal audio".  
However, at 21:38 my return-signal rapidly decreased, but even much lower it was easily readable.
After that I interrupted my TX and I return onto Beacon frequency. Q5 now, but still "clear" !

  Later I noticed that on my tracking software,  precisely at this time the Satellite came on a new Eclipse !  
So, probably the old-Batteries are not strong enough in order to support the same Downlink-power 
in eclipse, like that on Sunlight. Also I observed some FMing at this point and I lost the
signal before the LOS, but on this direction I have not "clear horizon" (but High buildings), 
so I can't say with accuracy if the Satellite was still "ON" or not. Sorry !

Anyway, the FO-29 is back again !  Great news !

CU on FO-29 !

73 de Mak,  SV1BSX

Email: sv1bsx  "AT"  yahoo .gr
URL  : http://sv1bsx.50webs.com
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