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Re: FO29 report

> Glad to report that the FO29 beacon and transponder were active on the
> 1036 pass over the UK this morning
> Managed a QSO with PA1TNO at 1039 using low power (less than 5 w) both
> ways good news indead.
> Regards Robert G8ATE

Hi Robert,

 thanks for great report,  I am also very glad about that as the FO-29
was my favorite Satellite.

However, it's very interesting to notice that:

as I observed on my tracking software the  FO-29 was in "eclipse"
from 09:11 - 09:46 Z (eclipse duration 35 mins, over Pacific).
Then, came on Sunlight over Antarctica and it was illuminated till your QSO
@ 10:36Z.

That means probably the battery -somehow- it can maintain now the
Satellite "ON" after long eclipse-periods


 the Satellite was activated  - when came on Sunlight , without JARL's
ground station command !!!
 As I remember, the automatic turn-ON of Satellite  it was NOT possible till
now, for unknown reasons.  It was necessary always a ground station
command in order to activate the Satellite.

Something has changed into FO-29 ?

I hope !  I have my fingers crossed !

73, Mak SV1BSX

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