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Re: Operating Preferences Survey - RESULTS

Bill Ress wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have closed the survey. Thanks to the 164 people who took the survey.


I think another interesting number would have been "How much time have 
you operated via Amateur Satellite in the last year?"  "Last month?"


How much (as a percentage) of your Amateur radio activity is via Amateur 
Radio Satellite?

Might be enlightening as to both who's responding to the survey, and 
also what the spreads are...

To be fair, my answers are:
Year? 1 hour.
Month? None.
Percentage: Less than 2%.

I mostly hang out on AMSAT-BB because Satellite work is very similar to 
terrestrial weak-signal VHF+ work, which is my true passion... and I 
really have have hopes of someday finding enough time to get my EME/WSJT 
setup going at my home QTH... but wishes are not fishes.

The reality is, unless I take some time off from work, the antennas 
aren't going to put themselves up!

Nate WY0X
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