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Re: Yubileiny

RS-30 transmits a CW beacon on 435.315 or .215 until she comes within the footprint of either the control station at Korolev north of Moscow or a station in Siberia responsible for the university experiments she carries.

When within range of these stations she is switched to an FM AFSK stystem called DOKA-B. The grohjd sartation has DOKA-N. This is a direct FD modulation interface with the control board for the satellite. Looking at my recordings it's an 8 bit frequency division system idling at 40 bps with a synch frequency of 2400 Hz, which trips any wefax programme (but isn't wefax). I suspect it's just a PC WLAN system, frankly.

I anticipate getting the decode sheet for the CW tlm "real soon now" and will post on the BB as soon as I get it. It is very similar to RS 22.  (q.v.).

I will be in Moscow over August 3/4 and will try and get further info about when she will switch mode to SSTV etc.

73 de andy G0SFJ

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