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Cal Poly Satellite, CP4 Beacon Help

Fellow Satellite Trackers,

We at Cal Poly have seen some unpredictable behavior on our satellite, CP4.  Since we only have contact with the satellite once every 12 hours, it would be extremely helpful if we could get some global support with collecting beacons to get a more complete picture of the the satellite's health.  For those who are interested, please send any collected data (audio or decoded binary) to my email address,

Below is the information needed to track our satellite.  Thanks everyone for your help!

 - Jason Anderson, KI6GIV
   California Polytechnic State University

Satellite Link Information
Frequency: 437.325Mz
Modulation: FSK (but uses LSB cheat to make AFSK)
Radio Mode: LSB (neccesary for LSB cheat)
Baud Rate: 1200
Beacon rate: 1 beacon/minute (maybe change to 5 minutes if satellite changes mode)

TLE as of 17:05 UTC from space-track.org
1 31132U 07012Q   08204.91731983 +.00000022 +00000-0 +15387-4 0 03867
2 31132 098.0398 269.1643 0084942 216.7771 142.7585 14.55130470067148

Beacon Packet Format
Field #     Field Description
1            COMM Packet Type
2            CDH Snapshot sequence number (LSB)
3            CDH Snapshot sequence number (MSB)
4            RTC timestamp (hour)
5            RTC timestamp (min)
6            RTC timestamp(sec)
7            -Y Axis solar panel voltage
8            -Y Axis solar panel current
9            -Y Axis Peak Power Tracking
10           -Y Axis magnetorquer current
11           -Y Axis magnetometer A axis
12           -Y Axis magnetometer B axis
13           -Y Axis internal temperature
14           -Y Axis external temperature
15           -Y Axis face regulated power (3V Side Panel)
16           -X Axis solar panel voltage
17           -X Axis solar panel current
18           -X Axis Peak Power Tracking
19           -X Axis magnetorquer current
20           -X Axis magnetometer A axis
21           -X Axis magnetometer B axis
22           -X Axis internal temperature
23           -X Axis external temperature
24           -X Axis face regulated power (3V Side Panel)
25           +Z Axis solar panel voltage
26           +Z Axis solar panel current
27           +Z Axis Peak Power Tracking
28           +Z Axis magnetorquer current
29           +Z Axis magnetometer A axis
30           +Z Axis magnetometer B axis
31           +Z Axis internal temperature
32           +Z Axis external temperature
33           +Z Axis face regulated power (3V Side Panel)
34           +X Axis solar panel voltage
35           +X Axis solar panel current
36           +X Axis Peak Power Tracking
37           +X Axis magnetorquer current
38           +X Axis magnetometer A axis
39           +X Axis magnetometer B axis
40           +X Axis internal temperature
41           +X Axis external temperature
42           +X Axis face regulated power (3V Side Panel)
43           -Z Axis solar panel voltage
44           -Z Axis solar panel current
45           -Z Axis Peak Power Tracking
46           -Z Axis magnetorquer current
47           -Z Axis magnetometer A axis
48           -Z Axis magnetometer B axis
49           -Z Axis internal temperature
50           -Z Axis external temperature
51           -Z Axis face regulated power (3V Side Panel)
52           CDH RF Amp A current
53           CDH RF Amp B current
54           CDH CDH Regulated Power (3V_CDH)
55           CDH RF Amp Temperature
56           CDH comm A regulated power (3V_COMMA)
57           CDH comm B regulated power (3V_COMMB)
58           CDH VSUM
59           Power cdh current
60           Power SPA current
61           Power SP Bcurrent
62           Power comm A current
63           Power comm B current
64           Power payload current
65           Power cdh power temperature
66           Power comm A power temperature
67           Power comm B power temperature
68           Power 3V Side Panel A
69           Power 3V Side Panel B
70           Battery A protection byte
71           Battery A status byte
72           Battery A voltage byte
73           Battery A temperature byte
74           Battery A current(LSB)
75           Battery A current(MSB)
76           Battery A accumulated current (LSB)
77           Battery A accumulated current (MSB)
78           Battery B protection byte
79           Battery B status byte
80           Battery B voltage byte
81           Battery B temperature byte
82           Battery B current(LSB)
83           Battery B current(MSB)
84           Battery B accumulated current (LSB)
85           Battery B accumulated current (MSB)
86           CDH statusbyte
87           CDH currentstate
88           CDH cdhresetcount(MSB)
89           CDH cdhresetcount(LSB)
90           Comm status byte
91           Comm cc1000 calibration register
92           Comm cc1000 power register
93           Comm cc1000 max rssi
94           Payload statusbyte
95           Payload rtc temperature
96           Payload face temperature
97           Payload unregulated coumputer temperature
98           Payload unregulated coumputer voltage (MSB)
99           Payload unregulated coumputer voltage (LSB)

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